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1. How far in advance should I reserve a party?
Although we will try and accommodate last minute parties, we highly recommend booking as early as possible to guarantee the date and time of your choosing.
2. How do I reserve a Party date?
We suggest you fill out the form on the Contact Us Page but all reservations must be booked and confirmed over the phone 760.619.2076
3. Is there a Deposit?
Yes. All parties booked with DESERT DREAM PARTIES are required to pay 50% non refundable deposit that will be applied toward your final bill. The deposit is to hold your party date and to guarantee services.
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4. When do I pay the Deposit and How?
The deposit is to be paid at the time of booking. We accept personal checks, cash, or credit cards via Paypal for initial payment. *Please note on the date of the party your performer will collect the Balance due and we only accept cash or checks at this time.
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5. What if I have to cancel my party?
If you need to postpone your party we will work with you to find a suitable date to reschedule your party (based on availability) as long as you cancel 1 week prior to your party date. You will be responsible for the costs of any specialty items or add-on crafts that you purchased for your party, although if you reschedule there is no additional cost and the items will be used at that new time. If you choose to simply cancel with us for ANY reason your deposit will NOT be refunded.
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6. What if I have to cancel due to Weather?
All though we at Desert Dream Parties feel we are able to adjust and adhere to any weather conditions we understand if a parent/guardian feels uncomfortable with the weather situations and we will accept cancellations due to weather 48 hours prior to party date and reschedule within 30 days (based upon availability). *Please note if no rescheduling is done the initial deposit is still non refundable as well as additional specialty supplies and add-ons purchased.
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7. Is there a mileage fee?
Any parties located outside of the Coachella Valley will require a mileage fee depending on the location of the party.
8. What ages are appropriate?
Our parties are designed for all children between the ages of 1 and 10. The party may differ a bit in activities given the age group of the children.
9. Are parents allowed to stay?
Yes! Of course we love for as many people to stay and watch and/or participate! Given the fact that we come to the party location, please check with the Host of the party for parent involvement.
10. What if a guest is late?
We are very good at starting our parties ON TIME and if any child does arrives late we will do our very best to accommodate them to the best of our abilities!
11. What if I pay for an Add-on and some children don't show up?
Anything extra that you purchase for your party you are welcome to keep if some children do not show up. If you would like to donate them back to us we will gladly take them with us at the end of the party.
12. Do you offer Full Service Party Planning?
Yes! We offer full party/event planning to ease the stress! Fees are based on a percentage and on a client by client bases. Call today for a quote!
13. What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us! We would love to hear from you!

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